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Mobile Bartending Service

Without there site being properly indexed their services could not be found online.

Project Name

Mobile Bartending Service

The Problem

Liquid Caterers had everything going for them: stellar service, great customer feedback, and a unique market positioning as Arizona's Best Mobile Bartending Experiences. However, they were invisible online. After auditing their website, we discovered two glaring issues. First, every page on their site was set to "noindex," making it impossible for search engines to crawl their content. Second, they had never submitted their sitemap to Google, effectively keeping their entire online presence off the map.

Noindex Settings: Every page on the website was set to "noindex," making it invisible to search engines and effectively negating any chances of organic ranking.
Incomplete NAP in Footer: The Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) information was incomplete in the website footer, which is crucial for local SEO.
Missing or Non-Descript H Tags: H tag structure was improperly used for design instead of conveying a hierarchy of important in text.
Missing Sitemap: No XML sitemap had been submitted to Google, meaning search engines had no roadmap to crawl and index the website's pages.
Lack of Meta Descriptions: All pages, except the homepage, lacked meta descriptions, missing an opportunity to inform search engines and users what the pages were about.
Unnecessary Active Pages: Pages like "/sample-page/" and "/test/" were active but not useful, posing potential issues with site structure.

The Results

After a comprehensive SEO audit and swift intervention, Liquid Caterers experienced a dramatic turnaround. Our immediate steps included setting their pages to "index," creating an XML sitemap, and submitting it to Google for indexing. However, that was just the beginning. We continued to optimize various aspects of their site to improve their local search rankings and lead quality.

Fixed Noindex Settings: We changed the "noindex" settings to "index" for all relevant pages, making the website searchable and allowing it to start ranking in search engine results almost immediately.
Completed NAP in Footer: Added the missing name to the footer's NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) information, enhancing local SEO signals and contributing to better local search rankings.
Incorporated H Tags Properly: Added H tags wear appropriate, helping search engines understand the main topics of each page and potentially improving keyword rankings.
Submitted Sitemap to Google: Created an XML sitemap for the website and submitted it to Google Search Console, enabling Google to effectively crawl and index all important pages.
Added Meta Descriptions: Implemented meta descriptions on all pages, providing clearer information to search engines and users, and potentially improving click-through rates from search engine results pages (SERPs).
Deactivated Unnecessary Pages: Set non-essential pages like "/sample-page/" and "/test/" to draft, streamlining the website's structure for search engine crawls.

The outcome has been nothing short of transformative for Liquid Caterers. Not only did we bring their online presence to life, but we also refined various elements that contribute to long-term SEO health. The results speak volumes: increased visibility, improved local rankings, and higher quality leads. Liquid Caterers can now fully claim their title as Arizona's Best Mobile Bartending Experience, both offline and online.

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